Recommended by Emma Grant (Thomas's Fulham)
LIFT Studios Ltd

Keeping Fitness Personal


At LIFT it really is all about you.  All of our personal trainers are specialists in one to one 'Personal' training.  Highly qualified and experienced individuals who are great at building a supportive training relationship and environment around you.

We know that you're investing in a Personal trainer to get results, which is why we ensure every session you do and aspect of our support is geared to furthering your progress toward those goals.

You can rest assured when you train with us, every exercise you do has a reason, every session is set up to stimulate adaptations within your body and every rest day is helping set you up for continued progression. 

What is our key to success? Our attention to detail, and to you, in creating a plan and an environment that you enjoy.  Combined with our desire to educate and empower you in taking control of your own health and fitness, leads to consistency in training and effortless building of new healthy habits.


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Mark Stanton


T: 020 3488 8543

WhatsApp: 07955 065 559

Gym: Unit 21, Matrix Recording Studios,

91b Peterborough Road, SW6 3BU





I’ve known Mark for 5 years now. Mark has managed to keep me engaged and motivated through injuries, pregnancies and just ordinary days. Mark is not only a great trainer, he is also incredibly knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and rehabilitation. He always goes the extra mile to help his clients reach their goals. I had to move away from London this past summer and can say that the thing I miss the most is the one or two hours a week I used to spend with Mark working on creating a healthier and more fit version of myself.

Pilar Wurmboeck



First class coaching and personal training. Entirely bespoke programmes built which have made a huge difference to my training, fitness and overall well being. Can't recommend highly enough! 

James Hacking



LIFT is well equipped, professionally run and in a very convenient location. Mark is a knowledgeable and supportive trainer who makes exercise challenging and fun while keeping clients honest and gently nudging them back on track when required. 

Emma Grant