Elena Rolt (Thomas's Kensington)
Gut Philosophy

Data-Driven Functional Nutrition


Elena Rolt is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner who works with a wide range of health concerns and chronic conditions, including:

•           digestive issues

•           fatigue and low energy

•           autoimmunity

•           hormonal imbalances

•           metabolic concerns and weight loss

•           anxiety

In her practice Elena uses a wide range of functional tests (i.e. blood, stool, hormones, metabolites, genetics) in order to develop a personalised health optimisation strategy.

Elena offers online and face-to-face consultations in Kensington.


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For more information visit: https://gutphilosophy.com/

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239 High Street Kensington, W8 6SN

E: hello@gutphilosophy.com

T: 0207 101 3963




I thought I should give you an update as I have been following the diet you recommended for a bit more than a month now.

It all seemed a bit daunting at first but after 3 days, I started feeling a bit better. I was not as exhausted as usual after a meal, and I started feeling rested after a nights sleep, which had not happened in a long time. After 10 days, no abdominal cramps at all. It was already better after a week, but on day 10, I realised that I had had nothing at all for three days. It is still the case, a month later. The only couple of days when I did not feel so great were when I was away for work and had limited choice in terms of meal. As soon as I realised that what I was eating had an almost immediate impact, I started paying attention again and everything went back to normal (the new normal!) within a couple of days.

I can't thank you enough. All these years, having seen all these doctors...I had little faith anyone could do anything to help me and yet, it works!! It is actually not hard to give up on some foods and favour others once you see and feel the difference!! I feel like you pushed the "reset" button and I am functioning again. Thanks a lot again!!!  Patient A



Elena has inspired me to start my health optimisation journey. She has done several functional tests for me (microbiome etc) and helped identify and treat a few issues they showed. It transpired I had candida (which explained some issues I have had for years) and through following Elena’s advice, this has been sorted.

She has also tweaked my diet, encouraging me to include food groups I used to ignore and making sure my morning smoothies were balanced, teaching me optimum nutrition for better health. She has also given me advice on sleep, stress management, and weight loss. I have now lost 6kg following Elena’s recommendations and have never felt better. Patient B