Recommended by Elizabeth Woodcock (Thomas's Clapham)
Bob Rafati Personal Training

Helping Busy Professionals Transform Their Body


With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry I specialise in helping busy professionals achieve their fitness goals, focusing on fat loss, muscle building, and overall well-being. 

Through bespoke training and nutritional guidance, I empower clients to look and feel their best, ensuring sustainable results with minimal time investment.



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M: 07904 964 940

2A Gunter Grove
SW10 0UJ




“I started working with Bob after seeing my friend melt in half after her fat loss phase. Having tried several diets and workouts in the past without much success I needed a different approach and Bob provided that.”

Emma T.



“I reached out to Bob to help me get in shape for my wedding. I can honestly say I looked the best I could have on my wedding day, and I was extremely happy with my results. I highly recommend Bob to anybody as his expertise and professionalism are outstanding.”

Dina F.



“Having worked with Bob I have managed to lose 2 stones, kept it off and got rid of my back and knee pain. He is always supportive and keeps me accountable, so I stay consistent with my training.

Nick B.