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Many of you will know Harriet Brocket as Thomas’s Fulham’s resident events photographer as you see the results of her capturing the children in everything they do at school in the weekly bulletin.

Harriet Brocket’s passion for photography started at a young age and was heavily influenced by travel with her family. From the age of thirteen she was seldom seen without a camera as is the way today!

Her career progressed into travel photojournalism and she has created books including A Hedonist’s Guide to… Moscow and Cuba: As Seen by Harriet Brocket in 2007. 

Her love of interiors and design led her to photograph homes and gardens, as well as supply artwork for interior designers. Last year she was commissioned to photograph gardens for Randle Siddeley’s latest book The Garden: Before & After.

Harriet’s images are atmospheric, thought-provoking and evocative with her use of light and composition creating an immediate intimacy between viewer and subject.

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Rent South of France

Harriet is also a long-standing member of The Directory and rents out her beautiful home in the South of France. You can see 'Rent South of France' click HERE


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Harriet Brocket

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