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Vegan Recipes

We have asked some of The Directory Members to share their favourite vegan recipes with us which you can see below:


Yoghurt with Nuts and Figs - Inspired by Keto8

For a breakfast that will brighten your spirits even on the greyest of January mornings, look no further… Bountiful in vitamin rich berries, naturally sweet and pretty as a picture too! Here’s how to level up your brekkie...

1 cup of planet-based yoghurt of choice
1 tbs toasted, flaked almonds
1 tbs chopped hazelnuts
1 tbs granola
1/4 cup of mixed berries
1 tsp maple syrup and 1 fig

Spoon your favourite plant-based yoghurt into a bowl, add the hazelnuts, flaked almonds, and granola. Add the berries and sliced figs. Drizzle a spoon of maple syrup over the top. And voila - the perfect breakfast.

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Butternut Squash Soup by Alexi of Keto8

Crammed full of immune supporting vitamin C thanks to the squash and peppers, not to mention a little fiery flavour from the ginger and paprika, this soup truly warms the soul. 

1 medium butternut squash
2 carrots
1 red pepper
1 stalk of celery, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1 inch piece of ginger
1/4 cup coconut milk
2 cups of vegetable stock or 2 tablespoons of veggie bouillon powder, plus 2 cups of water
1/4 cup pistachios
Salt to taste

Peel the butternut squash, chop into cubes and place on an oven tray. Top and tail the carrots, chop roughly and add to the tray. Deseed the red pepper, chop roughly and add to the tray. Drizzle with olive oil. Roast in the oven for 30 mins or until cooked through. 

In a saucepan, add a drizzle of olive oil, add the cumin and paprika and fry for 30 seconds, add the ginger, chopped onion and celery. Fry for a minute or two. Add the stock. Simmer until cooked through. 

Once the butternut squash and other veggies are sufficiently roasted, place into the blender, add the stock and whizz until smooth. Pour into bowls, swirl a little coconut milk in, sprinkle with a little more paprika over the top and add chopped pistachios before serving.

Oh and a top tip from us, mop up any leftovers with our Keto Vegan Bagels 😋
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Aubergine and Sweet Potato with Maple Tahini and Spiced Hazelnuts by former Thomas's pupil Lauren Anderson @everyday_munch

Maple Tahini
- 1/2 cup tahini
- 2 tbsp white wine vinegar
- 1tbsp maple syrup
- zest 1 lemon

Mix all together and add a little water if need be

Toss Sweet Potato in a little oil and salt and roast in the oven at 200 degrees until golden and crispy.

Slice the Aubergine into 1cm rounds and add to the oven 10 mins after the sweet potato

In a pan toast the Hazelnuts with a little olive oil and chilli flakes until golden.
Pop the vegetables on a plate, pour over the Maple Tahini and top with the hazelnuts.

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Coconut Lentil Dhal with Roasted Aubergines, Coconut Yoghurt and Roasted Cashew Nuts - from Caroline Haigh of Everyday Healthy Cooking

For 4 people.

A nourishing, spicy bowl of fibre-rich goodness and immune-supporting spices. Lentils are a rich source of vegan protein as well as packed with fibre, iron, vitamins and minerals so a fabulous ingredient to include in any vegan diet. Topping the dish with nuts add good fats and further protein to make this a more complete meal. 

Curry paste:

2 shallot onions, peeled and halved 

1/2 or 1 chilli, chopped 
1 inch piece of ginger, peeled
2 cloves garlic, peeled
1 inch piece of fresh turmeric or 1 tsp dried turmeric 
1 stick lemongrass, sliced 
1 tbsp tomato puree or 6-8 fresh cherry tomatoes
1-2 tbsp mild curry powder (or separate spices - cumin, coriander) 
Handful of fresh coriander
Salt & black pepper
For the dhal: 
1 tbsp curry paste
1 large aubergine, chopped into cubes
400g can chopped tomatoes 
200g red lentils
400g can coconut milk 
400ml vegetable stock 
1 aubergine, chopped into cubes  

To serve -coconut yoghurt and toasted cashew nuts.

For the curry paste, place all ingredients in a food processor and blitz until a smooth paste forms. Add some water if it seems too stiff. 

For the dhal - add the coconut oil to the pan and fry the curry paste in a heavy based pan for about 5-10 minutes over a gentle heat. Add the aubergine and fry until browned a little (about 5 minutes). Add the chopped tomatoes and reduce them down for a further 5 minutes. Then add the lentils, coconut milk and stock. Gently simmer for about 20 minutes. If it gets too dry add a little more stock.

Serve with coconut yoghurt and toasted nuts. 

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Buddha Bowl by Alexi at Keto8

All hail the easy peasy plant-based Buddha Bowl! The ‘use whatever’s in your fridge’ kind of meal that always manages to turn out great - as long as you follow a few golden rules...

How to construct your own Buddha Bowl:
- Roughly chop up vegetables. We use tomato, radish, avocado, salad leaves and peppers, but use whatever you have at home.
- Add something filling. We like usually opt for kidney beans and cauliflower rice but you do you!
- Drizzle with a little dressing and add a dollop of hummus.  

Top with Keto8 award-winning Kale Crisps for added crunch and oodles of flavour!

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Super-Seeded Crunchy Oat Bars by Everyday Healthy Cooking

140g rolled oats 
50g pecans and walnuts, chopped into pieces 
2 tbsp chia seeds 
2 tbsp sunflower seeds 
2 tbsp pumpkins seeds 
2 tbsp flaxseeds, whole or ground 
1 tsp ground cinnamon 
1 tbsp maple syrup or honey 
30g coconut oil, melted
2-3 tbsp nut butter 
1 heaped cup soft pitted dates, pitted (about 150g)
30g goji berries, soaked in 5 tbsp warm water 

Oven 180C. 

Place the oats, nuts, seeds and cinnamon in a large bowl and stir to combine. 

Place the maple syrup, coconut oil, nut butter, dates and goji berries (along with soaking liquid) into a pan and heat gently until the oil is melted. Add to a food processor and blend until it all comes together -  it may look like a sticky mess! Do add more water if very sticky. 

Add to the bowl of dry ingredients and give everything a good stir - it may take a while to incorporate everything. 

Spread out into a square tin (8” x 8”) - press down and level and place in the oven for about 15 minutes until browned at the edges. Cool in the tin. 

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