Harriet Worsley (Thomas's Battersea)
Worsley Design & Consultancy

Making your Garden Beautiful: Garden Design - Planting Plans - Plant Supply

We can transform your outside space into a beautiful, elegant garden bursting with scent and flowers. Whether it’s a balcony, a rooftop or a rolling green garden we can make you a bespoke stylish garden which looks stunning throughout the year.  We can supply plants from specialist nurseries, delivered to your door, or provide a complete design, build and planting service.

Services include: Garden Design; Design and Build; Planting Plans; Plant Supply; Consultancy Service.

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Directory Offer: Free initial site visit and consultation.

For more information visit: www.worsleydesigns.co.uk


Contact: Harriet Worsley

E: hworsleydesign@gmail.com

M: 07966 494 712


“Harriet’s vision and talent has transformed our garden from an ordinary to extraordinary place which has drawn universal admiration from those who visit our house. She has provided a garden for us which is simultaneously stunning yet practical for family life, which contains interest and colour all year around but yet is easy to maintain and versatile. She is a truly talented designer and able to deliver what clients need in a friendly and efficient manner. In her hands the garden becomes the focal point of any property and part of the living space”

Anneliese Day KC

“I couldn’t be happier – everyone who comes to my flat now admires the courtyard. Harriet turned a shady, dilapidated area into a bright and stylish patio with contrasting leaf shapes and colourful flowers. It was worth every penny for the efficient, stress free service and low maintenance result. Friends who come round are always asking who did the garden.”

Caroline Norris, Managing Director, Citrus Television

“Harriet has turned our piece of uninspiring scrubland into a front garden we greatly enjoy – it’s not only beautiful and fragrant but her design is also highly practical. Harriet’s garden has both substantially increased the value of our home and attracted the attention of potential purchasers. We’re so grateful and very much hope she will agree to work her magic on our next home.”

Rachel Pierse, Law Lecturer

“We are so thrilled with our beautiful ‘new’ garden which has completely transformed the way we live. Harriet listened carefully to what we wanted and bravely navigated our tight budget to come up with a great solution. Somehow she’s managed to create a larger space for the children, while making sure the beds are crammed full of pretty plants for every season. It’s as though we have an extra room in our terraced house. Not only that, she also spent a very wet day planting with us, cheerfully ignoring the rain and teaching us loads about gardening. She’s brilliant.”

Ruth Quayle