Camille Steimler (Thomas's Clapham)
Another Approach Ltd

Tired of being surrounded by clutter? We are here to help


At Another Approach, we understand the power of a calm, clutter-free environment and its profound impact on our mental wellbeing. 

Our mission is simple: to guide you towards finding peace in your environment by creating an oasis of tranquillity and order. We believe that harmonious living space is the foundation for a balanced life, allowing you to experience clarity and relaxation. 

As a therapist and a psychologist with a passion for organisation, we understand the importance of creating a peaceful environment both physically and mentally and we are excited to share our passion.


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"I am absolutely delighted with you two and your services. You have truly restored my hope. I am super motivated, and I feel like I am falling in love with my home."



“It all makes sense.”



"A big thank you to both of you for this fantastic work. It's absolutely incredible. I can't believe it."