Recommended by Jo Kolff (Thomas's Fulham)
Yellowbird Education

Fun and Engaging Educational Workshops for Children


Yellowbird Education offers engaging workshops for children, during holidays and term time, to help develop skills in: 

  • Creative Writing for fun or for exam taking
  • Handwriting
  • Comprehension 
  • Reasoning
  • Exam preparation 
  • Mock Exams
  • Interview Preparation 

We make learning fun and engaging. We focus on requirements by schools at the various age levels, but we also want to engender a sense of daily achievement and enjoyment. We know the talent is there, we just help to open the box.

Our carefully designed workshops are split into achievable daily tasks aimed at inspiring, whilst building confidence, and bringing out the best in every child.

We have extensive knowledge of the British school system and preparing children for 7+, 8+ and 11+ independent school entrance exams. 


Directory Offer: 5% discount on all Creative Writing workshops.   

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"We have greatly appreciated the sound advice and trusted counsel of Yellowbird over the last three years. The Yellowbird courses really inspired our son and he always enjoyed spending time at Yellowbird, even though it was the school holidays! A huge credit to the teachers who you work with and the thoughtful content of the courses. My son was properly prepped by the time he sat the exams which is a huge credit to the Yellowbird team. We never expected to be in the position we found ourselves in with so many strong offers. Making the final choice has been one of the hardest decisions of our lives!"

Mr & Mrs C - Fulham



"Incredibly, our daughter got offers from 100% of the schools she applied to. She was a champion, going to all of the exams, interviews, and scholarship assessments, and with such positivity.  We wanted to thank you and the Yellowbird team for supporting our daughter and preparing her so well.  Also, the recommendation of a tutor, was gold - they worked together so well, with great chemistry and to great effect.  The tutor went above and beyond and was a great emotional support too.  The combination of YB workshops, Sunday exam prep, mocks, interview prep and private tutoring enabled the horsepower in our daughter to be channelled in the right way and to be seen by the schools, and she truly relished and enjoyed all of it."

Mrs V - Kensington



"It only took a day with the irrepressible Mr Riff for my daughter to be hooked. She walked out of the workshop exclaiming, "I LOVE writing!" I nearly fell over. This same child had loathed writing for most of her school career. We are extremely pleased with not only her newfound love of writing but also the practical skills and strategy she can now take back to school with her. Thank you, Yellowbird!"

Mrs S - London




"Our daughter did the writing week this Easter. She did not want to go at first. It went so well that now she loves writing and she said that the class really makes her enjoy writing. I can’t believe how much she wrote and learnt in only one week. The teacher is amazing. Well done and we will do it again. Thank you so much."

Mr & Mrs B - Clapham




"I'm glad to report that my son has been accepted into St Pauls Junior (first choice). Thank you so much to you and your team, as I have definitely seen a major improvement in my son's work over the last two terms of Sunday Exam Prep. The group learning environment has helped to motivate him and the teacher (Miss Stefanie) was so wonderful and engaging."



The list of schools was invaluable.

"I had no idea which schools my daughter could possibly sit at. The assessment helped us to have a better idea of where she could gain entry, what she would need to do to gain entry and the areas she needed to improve in. To actually be given a list of schools was invaluable."