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Mind Station Coaching

Helping Children to Understand their own Minds


Mind Station Coaching helps children to understand their own minds. We offer two primary programmes for your 5-12-year-old and these are tailored specifically to whether your child is in a KS1 or KS2 setting. 

Using child friendly narratives, creative mediums and our cartoon brain team, your son/daughter will learn where their emotions, feelings and thoughts come from. Our aim is to hand your child social and emotional tools for life, not just exams.



Mind Station Coaching is delighted to announce the opening of 1:1 summer slots for their highly successful and transformative Explorer Coaching Programme!

Join the community and embark on an exciting mindset adventure, providing your 7-12 year old with essential social and emotional tools to embrace courage and thrive in the upcoming academic year. 

During these personalised 1:1 weekly coaching sessions, your child will explore their identity, belief systems, friendships, and have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of emotions, thoughts, the brain, and growth mindset. 

This programme is specifically designed to support children who may be struggling with challenges such as low self-esteem, reactive behaviors, difficulty adapting to change, anxiety, or frustration. 

Having already supported and assisted over 100 children in more than four different countries, Chloe, founder and certified coach has successfully transformed mindsets into ones that are positive, resilient, and courageous. Chloe firmly believes that this journey is not only for the child but also for the parents. Therefore, you can expect empowering coaching sessions and a supportive 1:1 WhatsApp group throughout your child's self-awareness journey. What sets them apart is their commitment to tailoring the programme specifically to your child's unique needs and challenges. 

We understand the importance of catering to your family's requirements and also welcome neurodivergence! The time is now to embark on this remarkable mindset adventure together, paving the way for a brighter future!

Directory Offer: 10% off the programme cost for new clients plus FREE parent welcome pack.

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Chloe Francesca Kock, Founder


M: 07771 686 577





"The online content and 1:1 support has been amazing. I really hope lots more children get the benefit from this learning experience" Parent of year 4 Child, Surrey



"My son has been teaching our whole family about the brain team. He loves his 1-1 time each week with Chloe" Parent of year 1 Child, Fulham



"I have seen such a big improvement in my child's confidence and ability. I can't recommend Mind Station Coaching enough!"  Parent of Year 2 Child