Recommended by Kate Thomas (Thomas's Fulham)

We Make Maths Make Sense

Based in Fulham and Clapham.

We work with children from Reception to Year 11 (ages 4 – 16) helping them understand maths by teaching it in a way that makes sense to them. When maths makes sense, children leap way ahead – whether they are behind or already ahead in maths.

After sitting an initial diagnostic assessment, we create a bespoke learning plan for each student focusing on their specific needs. The results are transformational, boosting their confidence, ability and self-esteem and best of all children genuinely enjoy Mathnasium!

We offer Specialist 11+ and GCSE Programmes.

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Mathnasium of Fulham

Salima Makni-Triki 


T: 020 7471 4888 

777 Fulham Road, London SW6 5HA

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Mathnasium of Clapham

Alex Page


T: 020 7078 7000 

122 Northcote Road, Clapham, London SW11 6QU

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Mathnasium of Fulham has been a huge help to my daughter’s academics. She wasn’t so keen on math but, after a year in Mathnasium, she is finding it much easier and has gained a lot of confidence. 
I can’t not mention what a great role the centre owner, Dan, has played in motivating my daughter. He has been beyond kind and supportive and we have been so lucky to get to know him.

BM November 2022


Very well organised centre. Teachers are fast in delivering help to the kids when needed. For my 7 year old daughter it gives her responsibility and autonomy. Encourages her to work independently. She's able to master the areas where she needs with different learning tools and exercises.

DS October 2022



We have been so impressed with every aspect of Mathnasium. Firstly, both children (7 and 9) love it and are growing ever more confident with their maths. I have listened into some of the teaching online and have been hugely impressed with the tone, style and patience of all tutors. The team in Clapham - in Alex and Ruben - are outstanding: super professional, responsive and hugely helpful…nothing is too much trouble.

GS July 2022