Recommended by Marija Berni (Thomas's Fulham)

Buy, Sell or Donate Pre-Loved Baby & Children's Products


CircleHood is a pre-loved marketplace App where you can buy, sell or donate outgrown baby and children’s products, exclusive to parents. We are on a mission to make secondhand shopping a cool and fun experience for all parents! We keep kids’ stuff in circulation, reduce waste, save money and save the planet too.   

Founded by Hulya and Nathalie, two mum friends with 6 kids between them, this App is designed to be practical and easy to use for busy parents. You can list an item in less than 20 seconds, on the go, and also buy great bargains with a single click! 

If you don’t have time to sell, you can send it to us in a prepaid bag and we sort all that out for you and the proceeds will be split between you and your chosen charity.


The App is FREE to download and FREE to use. 


Directory Offer: Sign up to our App with referral code 'Directory' and get £20 worth of Circle Coins to spend in the App.

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Nathalie Bernadotte






'CircleHood is simple, easy and fun. I sell my children’s used clothes there instead of eBay because there are no fees and no postage as it’s being sold to someone close by. It’s also my first stop when I am looking for something. I always start with CircleHood.'


A long time user of the CircleHood App




'Circlehood is a great App run by two mothers who understand the value of second hand shopping but also the importance of time efficiency for parents. 

I used CircleHood and found listing products was simple and quick which was a must for me: they don’t charge a commission which is definitely a plus but also help charities and the community by allowing busy parents to donate clothes whilst supporting our chosen charity.

All transactions in the app are processed with secure payments, so it is great piece of mind regarding safety too. 

I think it’s a fantastic concept and well executed.'


A Happy Mum