Melissa Kerschen (Thomas's Battersea)
Glass Door Homeless Charity

Helping the Homeless in London


Glass Door was founded over twenty years ago when several churches in Chelsea came together to open their doors and offer shelter, hearty food, and a genuine warm welcome to homeless people one night a week each. 

Based in London, Glass Door co-ordinates a network of open-access services for people affected by homelessness. Year-round people find advice and support to end their homelessness through trained caseworkers. During the hard winter months Glass Door also provides emergency winter shelters. Over the last 10 years an estimated 2,500 guests have taken refuge in Glass Door's winter emergency accommodation. The current cost of living crisis is putting more people at risk of losing their homes. 

Since 2012 Glass Door has organised an annual sponsored 'Sleep Out' which takes place on the first Friday in October in Duke of York Square, Chelsea or you can join in and sleep remotely in your house or garden. Each year Glass Door also launches a Christmas Appeal as it believes no one should have to sleep on the street, especially at Christmas.

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To watch the latest Glass Door film narrated by Colin Firth and showing that 'Homelessness can Happen to any of Us' click HERE


Directory Offer: Chance to help the homeless.

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Eddie was a guest of the charity's shelters eight years ago and credits Glass Door with turning his life around. "Workers and volunteers of the charity showed me kindness, a kindness I had never seen before. I started to believe that a different kind of future was possible," says Eddie. After 26 years of sleeping rough, he is now off the street and works for Glass Door as an overnight project worker. 



For two years in a row 100% of respondents said they would do the Sleep Out again.