Susie Cochin de Billy (Thomas's Battersea)
Arcus Advisory

US University Application Advisory Service

Arcus Advisory strives to guide students in all areas of the US university application process - from selecting target universities, to ongoing consultancy and essay review. 

We combine expertise and experience with friendly and reassuring support, to ensure that your child enters the US higher education system with confidence. 

Founder: Susie Cochin de Billy, works with great flexibility, drive and awareness of each student’s individual needs, goals and abilities.

Introudcing a NEW ONLINE SKILLS section to the website.

Learn new skills and get involved in online volunteering or remote internships.

To make it easy, Arcus Advisory has launched an interactive SKILLS tool that brings together 7 top online resources. Our partnership also offers the bonus of exclusive promotions.

Click SKILLS to discover a range of exciting, easy-to-use offers including:

  • Tech courses in Java, Python, Digital Design, and app building;
  • Online volunteer and internship opportunities; 
  • Targeted tuition and SAT/ACT training; 
  • Self-care & meditation resources.


Take a look and please share with your children and friends.

Explore, learn and enjoy!


Directory Offer: 20% off first consultancy session and discounts on online SKILLS via the website.

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Contact: Susie Cochin de Billy




"Susie has been wonderful helping us to navigate the breadth and depth of Unis & Colleges to choose from in the United States and made the application process much less daunting.

Our daughter is now very excited to have been accepted to her first choice school."


Kathy LoPrimo - Former Thomas's Parent



"Arcus Advisory is very dedicated, precise, well organised and passionate about the success of their students. They were very supportive for my son who was applying from Paris and not familiar with the process. He also needed help with his English written work and they were able to work well in a bilingual manner. A perfect coach for Europeans who need that extra boost -
 Thank you for all your help!"


Marie, Paris

"Susie rescued our family when she agreed to help our daughter with her applications just 3 weeks before they were due. She worked diligently throughout the Christmas holidays, never taking more than a few hours to turn things around. Her comments were always insightful and helpful, and her calm and pleasant manner went a long way to defusing the inevitable stress of looming deadlines. She also had detailed and up-to- date information on virtually every college that our daughter was applying to. We were so satisfied with the experience of working with her that we signed her on to help our son, who is applying this year, as soon as the process was completed. Great value for money! Thank you Susie!"


MN in Kensington, London



"Susie did a great job helping my daughter through the complex application process; especially with the essay as English is not her first language. She was positive and encouraging and was able to aid her write a very powerful, successful application."


Pauline, Geneva, Switzerland