5 Minutes with... the Founders of The Directory Sarah and Katie


When did you start The Directory and Why?

We started The Directory in 2009 to help Thomas's parents support each others' businesses. When we met other parents at school or socially we were always amazed at the range of interesting businesses they ran or were involved in and often felt that we would have used their services if only we had known they existed. We also run a PR and Marketing company and were keen to tell other parents about this.

Thomas's and the PTA also encouraged us to produce a Directory so that parents had a way of telling other parents about their businesses without using the form lists to email them all.

How has it grown?

Initially we just produced a Directory for Thomas's Battersea which contained 32 advertisers to see if the concept would work. We were amazed at how keen parents were to advertise and to use each others businesses and in 2010 produced our first Directory for all 4 Thomas's schools and the 2 Kindergartens.

Since then The Directory has gone from strength to strength and in March 2018 we produced the 8th printed edition which was the largest Directory ever containing 86 advertisers.

Which services have you used yourselves?

Over the years we have tried and tested many of the businesses ourselves and have always been so pleased with the results we have recommended the businesses to other parents. 

We both use My Plumber Man and Andyman Property Services on a regular basis and we share a Lotte Berk Barre class each Friday taught by Nicky Whiteford. We have also both had gorgeous outfits made by Fiona Clare.

Katie has stayed at the boutique hotel Why House and Tanamera in Sri Lanka and regularly uses Uffizi Hair Gallery... to name just a few.

Sarah has stayed at CK Rock, booked a holiday with Beachcomber Tours and ordered canapes and lucnh from Your Undercover Cook

We have both used many other companies as well.

What does the future hold for The Directory?

We have recently finished the 11th printed Edition which contains a wide range of businesses and we hope that many of them will appeal to Thomas's parents and be used by them.

We are also continuing to spread the word about The Directory using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have started this blog as a way of spreading the word further....

Sarah Lacaille and Katie Barkshire, March 2019

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If you have any questions or thoughts about The Directory or would like to advertise in it please do get in touch.