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Luxury Property & Travel Club


For those who prefer luxury accommodation while on holiday, consider THIRDHOME, offering three options for the sophisticated traveller.

  • THIRDHOME Club invites owners of luxury second homes to trade time in their homes for stays in other members’ homes. The club has 10,000 residences worldwide, with an average value of £1.3 million. 
  • No second home? No problem. THIRDHOME Rentals offers luxurious stays all over the world. Why rent standard when you can rent luxury?
  • If you prefer completely unique travel,THIRDHOME Adventures offers truly extraordinary travel experiences and unique destinations.
With THIRDHOME, expect the finest in luxury accomodation, exchanges and adventurous travel around the world.


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Directory Offer: Waived initiation fee and 2 travel credits valued at £3,600.

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Contact: Giles Adams


T: 020 7193 3087


"We joined THIRDHOME in 2011 after researching companies which would allow us to do home exchanges with our second home in Spain...We have visited 17 properties in 6 years and have genuinely loved every one."

Linda & John R

"In addition to the travel opportunities, I believe that my THIRDHOME membership enhances my property value and makes it a more marketable asset...To say that THIRDHOME has improved the way I travel is an understatement."

Alan R

“We first got involved with THIRDHOME about 3 years ago. To be honest, we were a little skeptical because we thought it was almost too good to be true. Every exchange we have done has been great. We have had nothing but positive experiences with our trips and with our guests.”

Steve R