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Complete Care for Every Injury

We are specialists in orthopaedic care and sport injuries... let us help you get back to doing what you love.

We are devoted to family care here at Wimbledon Clinics and provide the highest levels of professional care to help get you and your family back to full health as quickly as possible. 

We like to understand just why you need to feel great again, whether it’s for the next big rugby game or just to get back to normality, we treat people young and old with orthopaedic care for every injury.

Directory Offer: 25% off your first appointment. *T&Cs Apply.

For more information visit: www.wimbledonclinics.co.uk



E: info@wimbledonclinics.co.uk

T: 020 8944 0665

*T&Cs - The offer only applies to self-funding patients and excludes patients with private medical insurance.



"The whole team at Wimbledon Clinics were fantastic. Extremely efficient, professional, supportive and informative. It made my whole experience from surgery through recovery stress free. I can't thank the team enough for making a tough period of my life run so smoothly."


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"My daughter was recommended to the clinic by a friend after having consulted other specialists. All the professionals and supporting staff gave my daughter (and I) confidence in the course of treatment which was recommended with respect to her knee and back. All the staff were extremely responsive and accessible throughout the period of treatment over many months."


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"The Wimbledon Clinic is excellent, with a comfortable waiting environment and plenty of free parking (important too!). Mr Bell was my consultant, and he was patient and careful to listen and assess my knee injury. The Parkside hospital next door had good facilities and really caring staff. My surgery was quickly and efficiently booked, and all my care has been first rate."


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