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CĂ©line Wolff (Thomas's Fulham)
Registered Osteopath - SW London

Osteopathy for babies, kids and adults


For the last 14 years Céline has been practicing in Brussels, Dubai and London. Although she sees patients from cradle to rocking chair, she has extensive experience with treating expecting mothers and babies.


In London you can make an appointment either in Fulham 07552 118 912 or at the Maison Medicale in South Kensington 020 7589 9321.



Directory Offer: 50% off your first consultation at the Fulham practice (£32.50 instead of £65).

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M: 07552 118 912



"Since our appointment, I have felt not even the slightest problem with my knee.  Even more amazing is how much better my back and neck feel!  Both just seem to fall into correct alignment so much more effortlessly and my shoulders naturally seem to open up instead of wanting to roll forward.  The other major change is how much more stable I feel. Standing in place was never comfortable at all for me and now it feels completely different.  Now I can’t believe I went around for years with this issue, seeing various specialists and without being able to put my finger on what the problem was! I'm delighted with the results." 

Fiona SW3



"When I was 15, I had some pain in my shoulder caused by my intense swimming training so I went to an osteopath. I was astounded by how effective the treatment turned out to be. This young osteopath lady really inspired me. She was calm, patient and the work she did with only her two hands was amazing. I felt such a relief of pain in a few sessions. I did some research into osteopathy and asked her if it could be possible for me to attend some of her consultations. She accepted. I saw how she could treat babies, injured sportsmen, pregnant ladies' back pain and many other conditions. The type of work was much more diverse than what I would have expected. The osteopath also explained to me the structure of the back and that by looking and asking the patient to do a few movements we can locate some abnormality. And the most amazing part was that she was able with her two bare hands and knowledge to help people so much." 

Valerie, Student in Osteopathy