Caroline Davies (Thomas's Fulham & Clapham)
Caroline Davies Nutrition

Helping You on Your Journey to Optimum Health


Caroline is a registered Nutritional Therapist and works at the NatureDoc Clinic. She works with a broad range of clients and is particularly interested in:

  • Women’s health
  • Autoimmunity
  • Abdominal and digestive issues


Her fundamental approach includes taking a detailed health history, using functional testing where necessary, to identify the underlying root causes of health complaints. She believes strongly in the power of nutrition and lifestyle to help achieve her clients’ individual health goals.

With a background as a personal trainer she is able to build in specialist fitness advice along with her core nutrition therapy.

Caroline sees clients in Fulham as well as consultations on NatureDoc’s secure Telehealth system.  

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I first consulted Caroline when I had been suffering from very slow digestion. My diet is generally good so I really needed some expert advice as to what could help me out of it. Caroline recommended a straightforward and realistic eating plan which proved very effective with quick results. I have made some small, permanent changes as a result.




Caroline delivered a nutrition presentation to our team as part of our Wellbeing week and she did a great job – the presentation covered all essential aspects of nutrition and had great tips that can be used every day to improve our diets. It had the right balance of scientific facts, but it was pitched right for non-experts. She even went to trouble of providing us with a couple of healthy recipes using our products! I would definitely recommend Caroline and we hope to welcome her again in the future.

Maddy Ruzzene, Brindisa Foods