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Recommended by Camilla Denning (Thomas's Fulham Teacher)
Birth Trauma London

Fast effective therapy for Birth Trauma and PTSD


Birth trauma, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is where a mother feels overwhelmingly frightened or under threat of death or injury to herself or her baby during birth.

It can have long term effects on well-being and emotional health, family relationships and future childbearing decisions.

As a certified Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner and midwife, Sarah Denning can offer fast, very effective treatment. It works by helping you to turn a trauma memory into a normal memory.

Sarah completed her midwifery degree in 2001, after having three children of her own, and is experienced in all areas of midwifery.

Directory Offer: 25% off your first treatment.

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"I went to see Sarah whilst pregnant with my second baby. I had a traumatic time after the birth of my first baby who became seriously unwell. I thought I had dealt with this until I was pregnant again, this took the lid off the box and I was suffering from PTSD.

Sarah’s treatment of the rewind technique is absolutely amazing. It is relaxing, fast and effective, Sarah has been my saviour, so wonderful and caring. I am no longer suffering from PTSD and can now think of the traumatic birth as a past event that happened and i am not reliving it on a daily basis.

I truly recommend anyone suffering from PTSD after a traumatic birth to go and see Sarah for this treatment, It is truly remarkable."