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Yasmine Mahmoudieh (Thomas's Battersea)

An all-encompassing Information and Booking Platform for Children’s Activities


MyKidsy is a booking platform for parents to find the best activities for their children. Thanks to MyKidsy, parents can project manage the out of school time of their children efficiently.

We offer all kinds of after school, weekend and holiday activities, from sport to art, from educational activities to summer camps.


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“Wonderful, Excellent, Amazing, Awesome. Great site, great job, great idea. Very happy, a portal that I can actually use to find valuable information! It's so wonderful, it's one of those thing that make you think: "Why did I not think of this before" :) 

Mary Goldmith



"Awesome idea and really a one-stop-shop for parents! I can highly recommend the site."

Irene Betsky



"Mykidsy is such a handy tool. I use it for keeping my 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter busy,  by learning even great skills."

Martha del Rio