Recommended by Teresa Poirier (Thomas's Fulham)
Art of Learning

Helping Children to Learn Through Art


We are a bespoke tutoring company using artistic and creative teaching methods and techniques. We believe that art is a fundamental part of a child’s development. It can help significantly to deepen, engage and motivate children, generating a love of learning and promoting creativity. 

Being exposed to the arts from an early age can notably enhance a child’s general awareness as well as benefiting other areas of learning. Our sessions are personalised to support children in the required learning area and aim to develop children’s confidence, communication and language, as well as their ability to think outside the box. 


Directory Offer: Book 3 sessions pay for 2.

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Fiona Bickmore


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“My youngest daughter (5) was having issues with language which were holding her back in expressing herself with ease and making herself understood.  Fiona came in like a breath of fresh air; she is professional, prepared, very personable and loves children. She manages to fully engage children and her creative approach to learning has proved more effective than any other technique we had tried before.  The change has been immense, my child’s confidence has grown exponentially and so has her speech.  As a result, she is so much more engaged and interested and in such little time! But the best thing of all is how much she loves Fiona and looks forward to their sessions.” Teresa Poirier, London



“I can’t recommend Fiona more highly.  She has built up a great rapport with our daughter and has really helped to build up her confidence to learn.  Fiona comes up with very creative ways to engage her which keeps the sessions stimulating and she does all this in a gentle but convincing manner.  Our daughter not only looks forward to her weekly sessions with Fiona but really missed them when we took a summer break.” Sarah Altana, London



“We are incredibly grateful to Fiona for supporting our daughter with her learning. Hannah really enjoys the creative, fun and positive approach and has made fantastic progress in all areas.  We have been extremely impressed with the services provided by Art of Learning and would happily recommend Fiona to anyone looking for extra support for their children.”  Catherine Galis, London