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Recommended by Kathy LoPrimo (Thomas's Battersea)
You Need A PA

“Pay As You Go” PA Services


Do you have never ending piles of paperwork at home that just need sorting? Do you need help booking urgent flights? Perhaps you’ve got an upcoming house move and don’t know where to start? You Need A PA are at hand to help. With many years of dealing with day to day problems, they will have the answer.

YNAPA provide a ‘pay as you go’ PA service for clients who don’t want a full time PA, but need some ad hoc assistance, someone to just keep on top of things to ensure the every day smooth running of their lives.


Directory Offer: 20% off first full days booking, for new clients.

For more information visit:

Contact: Polly Hadden-Paton


T: 07786 416 916

Instagram: @youneedapa



"Thanks to Polly at You Need A PA for my weekly sort outs - life is now back in order!"


Nick Grimshaw


"Polly is an absolute lifesaver. She’s helped to organise my life in a  way I could never achieve alone. She’s always got a smile on her face and is a dream to be around!"

Suki Waterhouse


"Since moving to the UK from the US 3 years ago, You Need A PA has been the best service I have come across here in London. I rely on You Need A PA for everything - party planning, general recommendations, home organisation, travel bookings, general PA services, etc. I would be lost without this service. I now use the service on a regular basis, and doing so has allowed me and my family to feel so much more relaxed and organised. It really is a tremendous service and one that I now could not do without. I cannot say enough good things about it!"


Jennifer B