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Seonaid Mackenzie (Thomas's Fulham)
Sturgeon Ventures

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Regulatory Incubation Pioneer - Out of Change comes Opportunities



•  We provide FCA Umbrella for Investment Managers

•  We Provide FCA Regulatory Compliance

•  We provide unique business solutions

•  We have superior business expertise and regulatory knowledge

•  We offer an institutional-quality client service

•  We have an extensive global network

•  We are integrated, inspired and independent

•  We are transparent, timely and team players

•  We provide FCA Hosting for Advisors/Corporate Financiers/3rd Party Fund Raisers

•  We create long lasting authentic relationships

•  We maintain an unrivalled client retention rate

•  We are recognised with industry awards

•  We think out of the box

•  We are persistent, patient and passionate

•  We are creative, curious and considerate


All our lives have been touched by female cancer, in particular, breast, ovarian and/or cervical.  As a predominantly female team, Sturgeon have taken up a challenge, and we all hope  to get a little fitter.  The chaps will be there on the night with puncture kits.

On May 27th 2017 we will ride 100km though London crossing our home bridge in Putney twice

Do watch the video:

“Life is like a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep on moving.”

Thank you so much to the continued generosity of our friends, and clients and service providers.


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