Kim Perlow (Thomas's Battersea)
ReLaunch by Link UP

Empowering People to Pursue their Professional Goals


ReLaunch 4-session workshops and network help professionals who have been out of the workforce take their next steps. Through goal setting and action planning ReLaunch workshops aim to build confidence, help people see the value of their skills, and empower them to pursue their career goals. 

Link UP London developed the ReLaunch Programme to support our mission of creating engaged, vibrant and linked communities. Through our work in Wandsworth and now Lambeth, we have noted that the skills of professionals out of the paid workforce are vastly underutilised which is a loss to the community.

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Nancy Saichin


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"I cannot recommend ReLaunch highly enough: The potent combination of a supportive group, inspiring coaches and powerful tools has helped me clarify what I want to do next and how. I feel truly supported and with a renewed confidence, which means less fear, a readiness to re-engage with my career and to take some risks."



"A massive injection of self confidence, awareness and support after years of doubting my own abilities."


"Just do it! Nothing to lose everything to gain by activating a supportive network and making time for your journey towards new goals."