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Trusted GAP Insurance saves car buyers hundreds on Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance policies which are also known as 'shortfall cover'.

If you buy a new or used car and the car is written off or stolen the insurance company will only pay what the car is worth at that time. This means there is often a GAP between what you paid for the car, what is still owed in finance and what the car is now worth.

For example if you buy a new car for £12,000 using finance the total repayments would typically be £15,000 including interest. If the car was written off after 14 months the car insurance company would only pay out its current value of around £9,000 leaving you with a £6,000 shortfall or GAP.

InsuretheGap saves drivers money and it is easy to get a quote on the website. You can take out a policy up to 6 months after your new or used car's date of purchase.

Directory Offer: 10% cash back on all 3 year policies.

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