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Disa Mackenzie (Thomas's Battersea)
Disa Mackenzie - Verbier Tutor

Humanities Tutoring & Supervised Revision for 11+ to Undergraduate Students

Disa Mackenzie is an experienced tutor offering humanities tutoring, effective supervised revision, academic skills, and essay techniques to students from 11+ to university level both in London and Verbier. She also offers help with Level 3 undergraduate dissertations in most subjects, and has the Cambridge University CELTA qualification to teach English.

Disa is a Foundation Governor of St Augustine’s C of E High School in Kilburn, and also Safe-guarding Governor and a member of the curriculum sub-committee.

She knows how a student can achieve their best, and enjoys helping them get there.

Directory Offer: Free initial consultation and 20% reduction on fees for Thomas's pupils.

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T: 07802 612 404

Swiss M: CH +41798 421 594