5 Minutes with... Luxury Travel Expert and Thomas's Mum Nathalie Adams

When did you start working in travel and why?

I started 20 years ago as soon as I came back from travelling.  My Dad has always lived in Jamaica and as a consequence I always travelled from a young age and never stopped really, going away every long holiday I could when I was a student and taking a gap year both before and after University!  

My Mum also inspired me as she sailed around the world and was always travelling when I was little and  I actually met two girls who worked for Flight Centre while climbing up to Machu Picchu so it was meant to be!  Plus my Dad has a hotel in Jamaica so travel is really a family business!

When did you start working for Flight Centre and what does an average day entail? 

In 1999!  I work in the Northcote Road branch so I feel like I’m living the dream being a full-time working Mum getting to drop my kids at school on the way and can pop up to watch open lessons in my lunch break.  I’m the General Manager there so oversee a retail division out the front and then directly manage a back office team who deal more with luxury holidays and corporate travel.  I only deal with repeat and referral business some of whom have been booking with me for years so actually feel like I spend most of the day chatting to friends!  I do a combination of corporate travel and leisure holidays, most of which are family holidays for Thomas’ families now!  The days are long, I often finish at home late at night but I always get home before the boys are in bed and just log back on after and I love the job - who doesn’t want to talk about holidays all day?!

What is your connection with Thomas’s and when did you join The Directory? 

My son Charlie is in Year Three at Thomas's Clapham and Teddy is in Reception.  I joined The Directory when Charlie started at the school.

Which holiday you have organised has your family enjoyed the most? 

Well I of course organise all the holidays and my kids are very well travelled having travelled long-haul from a young age to Asia, the Caribbean, Middle East and Europe.  I’m a firm believer in taking your kids to travel and see the world and don’t be put off by long-haul flights – they’re fine with kids!  Our favourite would have to be Jamaica, the kids just love it, it’s beautiful and of course it helps having family there.  However, I’m going on sabbatical this summer so we’re taking the kids on a four week road trip around Texas, the Deep South and Disney finishing in Jamaica so pretty sure that will be top of the list after that!

Where is your favourite place on earth and why? 

Jamaica definitely – the music, the atmosphere, the wonderful characters you meet, the scenery – it’s definitely the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and for a small country it’s amazing how much influence they’ve had on the world…..Usain Bolt, Bob Marley, Blue Mountain coffee, Notting Hill Carnival…..

What does the future hold for you and Flight Centre? 

Well I’m in discussions to set up a new model so that I can work from home although I will miss having a team so am sure I’ll still come and sit with them……watch this space!

March 2019

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