Recommended by Karen Hack (Thomas's Kensington)
Absolute ID

Don't lose it......label it!

Absolute ID produce the only PERMANENT labels on the market.  Our ultra-high performance labels are indestructible and permanent for protecting everything from buggies, scooters, bikes and ski gear to computers, kindles and ipads.

Wrist IDs are ideal for adventurous children and adults.  Our silicone wrist bands with stainless steel tags are durable and provide emergency medical information and contact numbers.  Sizes from infant to XL will safeguard your family in the playground, festival, airport, ski slopes and on school trips.

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“AbsoluteID I must tell you: I unknowingly left my work phone on the Tube on my way home.  As I was going into the tube the next morning, I had a text on my personal mobile from someone who had found it, identified me from the Absolute ID label, looked me up and amazingly was offering to return it to my office that very morning.”  

Francis Robinson